Development co-operation policy:

International Cooperation Policy for the Development of the Dominican Republic (2016)

  • Overall aim: instrumental framework for the development of South-South Cooperation (SSC) in the country, which allows the Dominican Republic a better position in the region
  • Key objectives:
    1. To make the institutions that are part of the Dominican National Development Cooperation System (SINACID) maintain effective coordination
    2. To make available high quality systematized information on international cooperation


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

National System of International Cooperation for Development (SINACID)

  • Adopted in 2016 by the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Economy, Planification and Development (MEPYD) to manage co-operation norms, data and development updates
  • Dominican Republic's development partners report on non-reimbursable aid to this database


Development co-operation reports: 

Annual Report of International Cooperation (2020)

  • Released annually by the Government and analyzes the changes in non-reimbursable assistance and data


Development cooperation mechanisms: 

MechanismLevel and ActorsObjectives and Related Policies
International Co-operation Week

National level

  • Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development
  • Multi-stakeholders
Reports the co-operation activities that have been executed during the year and highlights challenges for the following year. In 2021, the second annual co-operation week took place together with the Action Dialogue of the Global Partnership
Mixed Commission for Technical and Scientific Co-operation between the Dominican Republic and Colombia

National level

  • Government of the Dominican Republic
  • Representatives of the Presidential Agency for Cooperation of Colombia
High-level Commission between the government of the Dominican Republic and Colombia for the technical co-operation
Dominican Republic High-Level Commission for Sustainable Development

National level

  • Government of Dominican Republic
  • Development partners including CSOs and the private sector

The Commission has the mandate to trace the path for an effective implementation of the Agenda for Sustainable Development


Decree 26-17

Regional Cooperation Directorate (DICOOR)

National level

  • Ministry of International Cooperation
  • Other regional organizations and mechanisms
Coordinate strategies and actions that contribute positioning the country in the spaces and mechanisms of regional cooperation