2019 Financing for Development Review Forum


CPDE calls on governments to address new challenges and implement existing commitments on effective development cooperation, particularly in relation to the 2030 Agenda and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda.

At the 2019 ECOSOC FfD Review Forum, governments should:

  • use international public finance, including ODA, to address the root causes of poverty, fragility, and conflicts and end its misuse for security, military and corporate interests

  • commit to endorsing credible plans to achieve the international agreed targets on quality and quantity of ODA

  • ensure that Private Sector entities adhere to all Development Effectiveness principles and implement Human Rights and gender equality standards, and at the same time, promote and practice decent work and adopting transparency and accountability standards

  • uphold principles of horizontal development cooperation – including solidarity, mutuality, human rights, respect for sovereignty, non-conditionality particularly with respect to unequal conditions of partnership that often prevail even within South-South cooperation

  • take concrete actions to reverse trends of shrinking and closing civic spaces in development and attacks on human rights defenders

  • commit to further developing and enhancing the FFD Review Forums through, introducing annual and multi-year workplans aimed to address the priority trends, such as in the case of blended finance

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