2021 Busan Global Partnership Forum




This November marks the tenth anniversary of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, a ground-breaking agreement that set out shared principles for development effectiveness and endorsed by a broad range of governments, civil society organisations, private sector and other actors. The Busan Partnership agreement led to the establishment of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC), a multi-stakeholder forum for driving progress on development effectiveness.

Since 2014 the Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) has hosted a series of Busan Global Partnership Forums to contribute to the measurement of progress in implementing development effectiveness principles at the country level. These events have brought together policymakers and practitioners to share their experiences and explore the factors that have led to successful development outcomes that align with Agenda 2030.

This year’s event will take place a year before the next GPEDC High-Level Meeting, scheduled to take place in Geneva in 2022. As well as reflecting on progress in the ten years since the Busan High-Level Forum, the 2021 Busan Global Partnership Forum will focus on new and innovative thinking, ideas and practice as it looks forward to next year’s Summit on Development Effectiveness.

The principal theme of the 2021 Busan Forum will be Promoting development effectiveness in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic: innovative approaches to meeting the SDGs.

The objectives of this year’s Forum are to:

  • Reflect on progress in implementing the Busan Partnership Agreement and explore the challenges of promoting development effectiveness in the context of Covid-19;
  • Showcase new ideas and exciting initiatives that are delivering results at country level;
  • Contribute to the discussion on how GPEDC should evolve to respond to the current context and maximise its contribution to Agenda 2030.

The Forum will explore key issues such as:

  • The need to update narratives on development effectiveness to reflect current realities – how can key stakeholders come together to promote a new, compelling vision for this agenda?
  • The importance of innovative and inclusive partnerships – what are the key principles underpinning inclusive partnerships and how can successful innovations be taken to scale?
  • With poverty is increasingly concentrated in fragile states, there is clear case for increasing levels of support - what trade-offs do development actors face in operating in these challenging contexts ?
  • The world has changed significantly since GPEDC was launched ten years ago and the platform is currently completing a major review – how should its current structure and activities evolve to maximise its contribution to development effectiveness, supporting countries to build back better, and greener.

For more information on the concept note and agenda, please see attached.