About the BCtA 10th Annual Forum

Reimagining Resilience through Inclusive Business Innovation

Reimagining Resilience through Inclusive Business Innovation seeks to inform new paths to resilience and inspire a renewed commitment to sustainable development through inclusive business. The event will tap into BCtA’s member network of inclusive business trailblazers to highlight real-world examples of business models that address both immediate COVID-related concerns and contribute to longer-term sustainable development and recovery. It will convene governments and multilateral organizations for strategic discussions on charting the new frontier of business and sustainable development and uncover promising new alliances across diverse sectors to spur fresh, future-proof development solutions and spark inclusive innovation.

Session: The Future of the Private Sector in the Sustainable Development Agenda

There is no time and no excuse to work in silos when it comes to achieving the SDGs. More than ever, the next Decade of Action necessitates effective partnerships to ensure that by 2030 no one is left behind.

This session aims to promote public-private dialogue as a means to forge effective partnerships for sustainable development. Featuring successful partnership stories from business leaders and public sector champions, this conversation will dive into what is needed for effective multi-actor partnerships and walk through how to translate them into action and adapt them to local contexts.


To view the full list of sessions and register for the event, please refer to https://bctaforum.org/.