Democracy and The Next American Economy: Where Prosperity Meets Justice


How do we create a more inclusive and sustainable political economy that is better for people and the planet? How do we achieve a truly representative democracy? 

Come join us for a conversation with Henry A.J. Ramos, author of Democracy and The Next American Economy: Where Properity Meets Justice. In addition to hearing from Ramos, we will be joined by a panel of discussants who will engage in a robust conversation for anyone interested in democracy, economic restoration and environmental sustainability.

  • How political polarization and income and wealth disparity is threatening the essence and integrity of our democracy and economy
  • Why current economic and social trends are unsustainable
  • Case studies of organizations that have successfully created and administered programs that further equity in society, restore democratic practices, implement better urban and city planning and protect the environment
  • How forward-looking leaders and grantmakers can work more closely to harmonize their efforts and scale innovations that put people and the planet before privilege and profit


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