How to Navigate The Potential Pitfalls of Adopting A New Philanthropic Informational System


In this 21st century quickly evolving information age, selecting, migrating data, configuring, personalizing, testing, and providing ongoing support of new full-featured integrated philanthropic systems is proving to be a major challenge. In this frank and practical session, we will identify many of the most common challenges and problems that grantmaking professionals regularly encounter. We will present actual case studies of issues that grantmakers and IT professionals face regularly when implementing new and upgraded integrated philanthropic systems. This will include major real-world problems such as: setting realistic forward-thinking system priorities, commercial vs. custom systems, carefully choosing and managing vendors, security, reliability, performance, remote access, and staff training. We’ll also be covering the opportunities and challenges of linking and integrating online systems that include grant data, due diligence services, accounts payable, CRM, knowledge management, plus multi-currency and multilingual capabilities.

  • Causes, solutions and practical takeaways for choosing and implementing a new or upgraded system
  • How to set realistic system priorities and timelines
  • How to choose and manage vendors with security, reliability, performance, remote access, and staff training in mind



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