Multi-stakeholder workshop (Benin): Paving the way for endorsement of the new Global Partnership monitoring


As an important milestone in the reform of the Global Partnership monitoring, this workshop helped shape the evidence to be collected and the process to engage stakeholders in the global tracking of effective development co-operation principles. 

The Global Partnership Co-Chairs convened key stakeholders to this in-person meeting to collect experiences and share ideas in order to strengthen the monitoring exercise. Consultations in the workshop informed the proposal of the Steering Committee for the new monitoring exercise which the Committee endorsed at its meeting in July 2022.

Workshop Summary

 Workshop Summary (ENG, FR, ES)


Key Meeting Documents

Workshop Agenda (ENG, FR, ES

Revised Proposal New GPEDC Monitoring Process (ENG, FR, ES)

Revised Proposal New GPEDC Monitoring Framework (ENG, FR, ES)

Session note: Increased focus on LNOB (ENG, FR, ES

Session note: Kampala Principles Assessment (ENG, FR, ES)

Session note: GPEDC Ways of Working (ENGFR, ES)

Session note: 2022 Effective Development Co-operation Summit (ENGFR, ES)


Complementary Documents

Annexes Revised Proposal New GPEDC Monitoring Framework (ENG, FR, ES)

Responses to Feedback on Draft Monitoring Proposal (ENG, FR, ES)



Logistics Note (ENG, FR, ES

List of confirmed participants



Session 1 - Overview of Monitoring Framework (ENG, FR, ES)

Session 2 - LNOB (ENG, FR, ES)

Session 3 - State and use of country systems (ENG, FR, ES)

Session 4 - Accountability and Ownership (ENG, FR, ES)

Session 5 - Kampala Principles (ENG, FR, ES)

Session 6-8 - Monitoring Process (ENG, FR, ES)

Session 10 - Summit  (ENG, FR, ES)