Long-term development vision:

Long-term National Development Plan of Ghana (2018-2057)

  • Vision: A just, free, prosperous and self-reliant nation that would play a leading and influential role in regional and global affairs
  • The overall goal of the plan is transformation meaning improvement in the living standards of Ghanaians in a structured, predictable and measurable manner over the 40 years of the plan in the economic, social, environmental and institutional spheres
  • Goals
    1. Build and industrialized, inclusive and resilient economy
    2. Create and equitable, healthy and prosperous society
    3. Build safe and well-planned communities, while protecting the natural environment
    4. Build effective, efficient and dynamic institutions for national development
    5. Strengthen Ghana's role in international affairs


Medium-term development plan:

National Medium-term Development Policy Framework (2022-2025)

  • Medium-term vision: Create an optimistic, self-confident and prosperous nation, through the creative exploitation of our human and natural resources, and operating within a democratic, open and fair society in which mutual trust and economic opportunities exist for all
  • Goals
    1. Build a prosperous country
    2. Create opportunities for all Ghanaians
    3. Safeguard the natural environment and built environment
    4. Maintain a stable, united, and safe country
    5. Build resilience to withstand threats of different dimensions, including COVID-19
    6. Improve delivery of development outcomes at all levels


Other development plans: