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Development co-operation policy:

National Development Plan 2020-2023

  • Within the NDP, there are some descriptions on the way of working with partners in the context of resource mobilization for implementation of the NDP.


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

Development Gateway - Aid Management Platform (outlined in the Poverty Reduction Strategy 2010-2015)


Development co-operation reports: 



Development cooperation mechanisms: 

MechanismLevel and ActorsObjectives and Related Policies
Resource Mobilization Committee

National level

  • Governments
  • Partners

The committee is to achieve the following purpose:

i) Greater coordination and strong ownership: All projects seeking funding must be aligned with sectoral priorities and must have a minimum of technical studies that support their choice and prioritization in the search for financing solutions

ii) Faster implementation: An effective information system will be developed to record all flows related to fundraising actions, as well as ensure the harmonization of information received and shared

iii) Greater sharing of responsibilities: Each direct or indirectly involved will be responsible for the implementation of the tasks assigned to it. An effective accountability mechanism will be created.

Consultative Group

National level

  • Governments
  • Multi-stakeholder (development partners, private sector, trade unions)

Platform the dialogue between the government and financial partners:

i) Ensure the interface between government and development partners

ii) Provide mechanisms for mobilizing financial and technical resources

iii) Promote actions of coordination and harmonization of activities between the different actors

iv) Monitor cooperation actions in terms of investment and the management of official development assistance