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Long-term development vision:

Guinea Bissau 2025 - Strategic and Operational Plan 2015-2020 "Terra Ranka"

  • Vision: A positive Guinea-Bissau, politically stabilized by the inclusive development, good governance and preservation of biodiversity
  • Long-term objectives
    1. Promote and encourage access to credit with support for local transformation of products in order to contribute to the expansion of exports and the increase of the rustic property
    2. Promote the diversification of exports through mechanization of agricultural production and creation of a national fishing fleet
    3. Promote the renegotiation of the stock of public debt in order to make the service sustainable in the long run
    4. Reverse public spending trends by taking into account the consensus that public expenditures on the agriculture and health sectors have particularly strong effects on growth


Medium-term development plan:

National Development Plan 2020-2023

  • Vision: Combat COVID-19 as an opportunity for a new economic start
  • Pillars
    1. Consolidating the democratic rule of law, reforming and modernizing public institutions
    2. Reform the economy and promote growth and employment
    3. Develop the productive sector and infrastructure
    4. Enhance human capital and improve the living conditions of the populations
    5. Revitalize foreign policy, promote regional integration and valuing the Guinean diaspora
    6. Preserve biodiversity, combat climate change and enhance the value of natural capital
  • Elements of effectiveness: adopting and integrated, selective and alternative approach to resource mobilization
    • Better coordination and strong ownership: All projects seeking funding must be aligned with sectoral priorities and must have a minimum of technical studies to support their choice and prioritization in the search for financing solutions
    • Faster implementation: An effective information system will be developed to register all the flows related to fundraising actions, as well as to ensure the harmonization of information
    • Greater sharing of responsibilities: Each structure directly or indirectly involved will be responsible for the implementation of the tasks that are assigned to it. An effective accountability mechanisms will be created.


Other development plans:

Strategic Development Plan Guinea-Bissau 2010-2015

  • Strategic objectives
    1. Increase parliament's institutional capacity to assist parliamentarians in fulfilling their obligations and tasks (institutional development)
    2. Improve the legislative process in parliament to ensure better scrutiny and better quality of legislation
    3. Improve parliament's ability to provide effective oversight of the government
    4. Improve the roles of deputies and parliament of representation and interaction with the people, better involving citizens

Second Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper DENARP/PRSP II (2011-2015)

  • This second Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper DENARP/PRSP II (2011-2015) was prepared in broad consultation with stakeholders and development partners. The PRSP describes the country's macroeconomic, structural, and social policies in support of growth and poverty reduction and major sources of financing.