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Development co-operation policy:



Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 



Development co-operation reports: 

National Evaluation Report on the Implementation of the Istanbul Action Plan 2011-2020

  • This report examines the significant progress and events that positively impacted the economic and social development of the county during the implementation of the Istanbul Action Plan 2011-2020 and strategic priorities under the Five-Year Plan 2011-2015 and the National Economic and Social Development Plan 2016-2020

National Directorate of Debt and Public Development Aid: Annual Activity Report

  • This report summarizes all the economic and financial activities carried out in 2020 by the National Department of Debt and Public Development Assistance


Development cooperation mechanisms: 

MechanismLevel and ActorsObjectives and Related Policies
Consultation and Coordination Framework between Government and Technical and Financing Partners (CCC)

National level

  • Government
  • Technical and Financing Partners (TFPs)
Cooperation frameworks and agreements partnership (budget support, project support, etc.) are the main instruments of the TFPs in the context of the implementation of the PNDES. Policy dialogue is organized within the CCC which will be strengthened for this purpose.
Ministry in charge of Investments and Public-Private Partnerships (MIPPP) financial pool

National level

  • Ministries
Ensure effective participation in the construction of clear and detailed financial management within his department in order to provide better clarity of public finances.