Long-term development vision:

Vision 2040 for a Prosperous and Emerging Guinea

  • Main pillars:
    • Define the major strategic orientations for long-term development
    • Initiate a process of dialogue to explore the possible futures of the county by considering the contribution of all components of society


Medium-term development plan:

National Plan of Social and Economic Development 2021-2025 (under development)

  • The specific strategic choices of PNDES II are underpinned by analytical work on the following emerging themes:
    1. The role of innovation in the structural transformation of the Guinean economy
    2. Accelerating Guinea's digital transition
    3. Promoting the green economy as well as the blue economy
    4. Fragility and the anchor points of a resilience strategy for Guinea
    5. Development of human capital


National Plan of Social and Economic Development 2016-2020

  • Goal: laying the solid institutional foundations, essential for economic, social and environmental progress, as well as in developing human capital capable of maximizing the demographic dividend, promoting the acceleration of economic growth and the reduction of inequalities
  • Strategies:
    1. Developing the agro-sylvo-pastoral sector and fisheries, to make it a real lever for reducing poverty and food insecurity
    2. Promote a manufacturing industry incorporated into the primary and mining sectors, making it possible to exploit all the value chains of their respective sectors
    3. To integrate the mining sector to the rest of the economy, through the promotion of competitive SMEs/SMIs in the supply of domestic goods and services into the mines, and the investment of a significant proportion of mining revenues in the agro-sylvo-pastoral and fisheries


Other development plans: