Honduras Action Dialogue 2021


Action Dialogue Status: Completed

Honduras is the first country to have hosted an Action Dialogue in the Latin America region. Hosted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the event titled 'Effectiveness of Co-operation for Sustainable Development' was attended by 130 participants and focused on identifying effectiveness priorities for the government and development partners, and updating the effectiveness roadmap that came out of the first Effectiveness Forum in 2017. This is now the second national Forum on the effectiveness of development co-operation in Honduras. It is also the first opportunity to take stock of the implementation of the new national development co-operation policy that is aligned with the effectiveness principles.

The multi-stakeholder dialogue discussed the following:

  • Session I: How is the development co-operation agenda evolving, its effectiveness and reach in the changing landscape of development?
  • Session II: What are the most relevant ways to improve alliances and the effectiveness of development co-operation, in the current context of COVID-19? What are the persisting challenges?
  • Session III: Presentation of the results of the revision of the Roadmap in the implementation of the effective development co-operation principles at the national level 

Honduras Action Dialogue Outcome Document

Honduras National Development Co-operation Policy

Honduras Action Dialogue Videos (Link 1, Link 2)