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Development co-operation policy:  



Aid Information Management System (AIMS):  



Development co-operation reports:  

Jamaica’s Development reports 

Informed by lessons learned, the current structure of reporting, will take the form of: Quarterly Updates; Annual Progress Reports; 3-Year Performance Reports (at the end of the period covered by each MTF) 


Development cooperation mechanisms:  


Level and actors  

Objectives and related policies  

Coordination of the implementation of NDP 

(Several coordination mechanisms are indicated in the NDP such as:  

- Coordination mechanisms between agencies and sectors including Inter-Ministry, Inter-Agency and Inter-sectoral Committees and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)  

- International Development Partners coordination committees 

- Community and local governance structures 


National Level 


Multi-stakeholders (NGOs, CBOs, the private sector and international development partners) 

The NDP will be implemented through a series of 3-yearly Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Frameworks. The 31 sector plans provide the framework for implementation at the sectoral level with various stakeholders.