Development co-operation policy: 

Kiribati Development Co-Operation Policy

  • The mission of this policy will be to achieve our national goals through the mobilisation of development cooperation in the most effective manner.
  • The objectives of the policy are:
  1. To help achieve the development goals in the Kiribati Development Plan through the mobilisation of external resources
  2. To achieve aid effectiveness through strengthened governance and management of aid, strengthened partnerships in the coordination and delivery of aid in achieving sustainable development results
  3. To maximise the impacts of development resources on the well-being of I-Kiribati by achieving medium and long-term development cooperation commitment.


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

  • Poor and weak Financial Information Management Systems have been identified as constraints, which have inhibited the proper recording of financial information.


Development co-operation reports: 

  • KDP Progress Report 2015
  • Report on the Istanbul Plan of Action 2015
    • The Istanbul Plan of Action specifically aims to enable half of the 48 LDCs to meet the criteria for graduation from LDC status by 2020
  • Kiribati Development Plan 2012-2015 Mid-Term Review
    • This Mid-Term Review of the KDP 2012-2015, in response to a request from the Government of Kiribati to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), was undertaken between August 2014 to December 2015. The purpose of the review was to gauge progress on KDP implementation, consult with stakeholders on implementation and based on findings makes recommendations for consideration by relevant national decision makers.


Development cooperation mechanisms: 

MechanismLevel and ActorsObjectives and Related Policies
Development Partners Forum

International Level

  • Multi-stakeholders (governments, development partners)
Held every two years, the Development Partners' Forum is a forum for high-level dialogue between the Government of Kiribati and development partners on issues such as progress on the KDP, development strategies, and priorities for the Government and ODA.
Kiribati Development HubNational LevelThe Kiribati Development Hub (KDH) is an initiative to build knowledge and expertise to progress development in Kiribati. The Hub contains information from Kiribati government agencies, development partners and researchers on key sectors. Information includes policy documents, action plans, strategic plans, research reports, monitoring and evaluation and project completion reports. The KDH will be update regularly as further reports are provided.