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Development co-operation policy:

  • Strategy for Improving Policy Planning and Coordination in Kosovo (Integrated Planning System) 2017-2021
    • Vision: The main goal of improving the planning system in Kosovo is avoidance of fragmentation and overlapping of the central political and financial planning processes, as an essential element to address the existing challenges in order to strengthen administration in the context of preparations for membership in European Union.
    • Strategic objectives include the following: (i) Strategic Objective #1: Further improvement of the strategic framework by enhancing the linkage between strategic documents, by better coordination and decision-making; (i) Strategic Objective #2: Better linking the strategic planning framework and strategic documents to the external and internal resource planning to ensure the financial affordability and implementation of strategic plans (ii) Strategic Objective #3: Full integration of monitoring practices and processes to ensure better implementation results and accountability of the Government to meet its stated objectives; (iii)Strategic Objective #4: Enhancing the capacities of the administration on policy planning and co-ordination to support better planning results and enhanced functioning of the co-ordination mechanisms of planning and execution.


Aid Information Management System (AIMS):


Development co-operation reports:


Development cooperation mechanisms:

MechanismLevel and actorsObjectives and related policies
Council for Cooperation of the Government with Civil Society

National Level


The Government Cooperation Council with Civil Society represents one of the largest platforms for official cooperation between civil society organizations and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. This Council consists of 29 representatives, of which 15 representatives are from civil society and 14 representatives are from the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. This mechanism is jointly chaired by the Secretary General in the Office of the Prime Minister and the Executive Director of the Civikos Platform.

The Council was established with the aim of strengthening government cooperation with civil society, promoting and supporting the strengthening of the civil society sector and ensuring the coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2019-2023. The Council in its composition has created four working teams for each objective of the Strategy.


Office for Strategic Planning (OSP) 

1 The Office for Strategic Planning reports directly to the Prime Minister, while for administrative matters to the Secretary General of the OPM.


2. The SPO performs other duties and responsibilities defined by the legislation in force and the duties defined by the Prime Minister.


3. The number of employees in the Office for Strategic Planning is 7 (seven) civil servants.