1.2: Strengthening effective support to statistical capacity and data

Statistical capacity and data

The Global Partnership supports efforts to put in place the conditions to foster data-centric national development processes.  It promotes the use and sharing of data and coordinated efforts for statistical capacity building.



Action Area 1.2: Strengthening effective support to statistical capacity and data 

When underpinned by high-quality and comprehensive data, development processes are strengthened, achievement of results is accelerated, and accountability is bolstered. Despite this recognition, the potential of data is yet to be fully realized. Challenges persist around collecting, managing and using data consistently.


This Action Area will support efforts to address data-related challenges to help close the SDG data gap. It will generate evidence and guidance and build political momentum around the need for stronger country-level data systems and capacity, as well as the need for increased focus on effective delivery of support in this area. It will look at how stakeholders are working together to put in place country-level systems and how data is collected and shared in ways that promote ownership, reduce duplication and support use by diverse stakeholders. Working with partners, this will include in-country exploration and testing of new and better ways to address data challenges, promoting knowledge exchange.