Sub-principle 3.B

Promote inclusive, bottom-up and innovative partnerships and raise awareness of engagement opportunities


Why is it important?


The participation of all stakeholders in private sector engagement initiatives, in particular local actors and the informal sector, can in many cases be instrumental to ensure that solutions are adapted to the context and that sustainability is a goalpost for the implementation of any project. Thus, actors at the grassroots and community levels, including MSMEs, have much to gain if they increase the visibility of their added value in such projects. Special importance should be placed on forming mixed teams, with different actors and a diversity of disciplines.

Self-reflection questions
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  • In the development co-operation projects in which you participate, have you been involved in developing the project concept and any related documentation, such as a memorandum of agreement? 
  • In the development co-operation projects in which you participate, do you know if the targeted community has been consulted? 
  • Have you discussed with partners how business leaders from the informal sector can be included in relevant development co-operation projects in which you participate?

Actions to consider
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  • Advocate being involved in the co-creation of any development co-operation partnership by bringing specific local knowledge and your own entrepreneurial ideas and spirit to it. 
  • Build in flexibility to enable and facilitate collaboration at various stages of the partnership. 
  • Identify constraints in project design and implementation and jointly assess market-based solutions. 
  • Identify when the language used in development co-operation projects is too abstract or technical for actors at the community level. Contribute to developing a common, simplified language that enables bottom-up collaboration.

Pitfalls to avoid
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  • Engage in partnerships and dialogues alone without forging alliances or participating in associations, co-operatives or networks that can support your inputs and engage on your behalf.


Help us build our knowledge base! If you have any good examples, please share them with the GPEDC Joint Support Team via info@effectivecooperation.org 

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