Lao PDR Action Dialogue 2021: High-Level Roundtable Meeting

GPEDC • 15 November 2021

Action Dialogue Status: Completed



The review of development co-operation under the VDCAP (Vientiane Declaration Country Action Plan) framework and principles is one of the agenda items at the High-Level Round Table Meeting (RTM). It aims to:

  • Take stock and summarize the achievements and the lessons learnt against the 14 key actions since the introduction of the VD and the VDCAP;

  • Provide policy recommendations to further enhance effective development co-operation in the country in light of the new national socio-economic development plan (9th NSEDP 2021-2025) structure.

Expected Deliverables

  • VDCAP review report; and

  • A short brief highlighting main policy recommendations based on the analytical review of development co-operation and coordination


The VDCAP review will be a desk review. The key findings for the review are based on various monitoring and survey reports produced during the course of implementation, including the 2018 global survey on effective development co-operation, 2019 mutual accountability survey, and other relevant reports such as the Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey 2008, Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey 2011, a snapshot of the Implementation of the VDCAP (2012-2015) and series of annual Foreign Aid Reports prepared by DIC/MPI. Consultation with key stakeholders particularly the Sector Working Groups will further inform the key findings of the VDCAP report.

In line with the anticipated overall approach to the RTM, made up of more detailed events to address specific issues, followed by shorter formal sessions as part of the High-Level RTM itself, preparations for the financing strategy agenda item will lead to two complementary outputs:


  • At a high-level, a brief presentation on the main findings of the report and main policy recommendations, and opportunities for high-level statements.