Long-term development vision:   

  • Lesotho Vision 2020 
    • Vision: Lesotho shall be a stable democracy, a united and prosperous nation at peace with itself and its neighbours. It shall have a healthy and well-developed human resource base. Its economy will be strong; its environment well managed and its technology well established 
    • Key sectors to focus on: 
      • (1) democracy
      • (2) united nation
      • (3) peace
      • (4) human capital
      • (5) strong economy
      • (6) environment
      • (7) technology 
    • The government is currently implementing an evaluation of the Lesotho Vision 2020 

Medium-term development plan:   

  • National Strategic Development Plan II (2018/19 - 2022/23) 
    • Overarching goal: employment and inclusive growth 
    • Key priority areas: 
      • (1) Enhancing inclusive and sustainable economic growth and private sector-led job creation; 
      • (2) strengthening human capital; 
      • (3) building enabling infrastructure; 
      • (4) strengthening national governance and accountability systems  
    • Cross-cutting themes: environment and climate change; youth, children, elderly and disability; and gender 


Other development plans:  

  •  Resettlement Policy Framework (Renewable Energy) 
  • National Decentralisation Policy. 
    • This National Decentralisation Policy (NDP) is a cross-sectoral policy document. The purpose of the NDP is to reduce poverty, promote equitable local development and enhance participatory governance, by transferring functions, responsibilities and resources for service delivery to local authorities and empowering citizens to actively participate in all service delivery processes.