Development co-operation policy: 

  • National Strategy for Environmental Information and Communication for Sustainable Development (SNICEDD)
    • The SNICEDD aims to amplify and improve the management of environmental information from its generation to its dissemination. SNICEDD also aims to strengthen environmental mainstreaming, to develop the environmental reflex at all levels and to promote the eco-citizenship of the Malagasy population. This strategy is part of the implementation of axis 5 of the National Development Plan. It also contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the updated Malagasy Environmental Charter and the National Environmental Policy for Sustainable Development.
  • National Strategy REDD+, 2018.
    • Vision: to improve the well-being of the local population, to develop the economy sustainably, and to conserve the richness in biodiversity, by 2030, the rate of deforestation will be controlled, and the forest cover will be increased in order to contribute to the 14% reduction in GHG emissions from the forestry sector.
  • PNEDD (Politique National de l’Environnement pour le Développement Durable)


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

Not Available


Development co-operation reports: 


Development cooperation mechanisms: 


Level and actors 

Objectives and related policies 

Development Intervention fund

National Level

FID has implemented beneficiary management software commonly known as MIS. This software has been designed for the management of beneficiaries from targeting to payment processing without forgetting the management of special cases and complaints.

Ministerial Forum for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

International level 

  • Multi-stakeholders

This Forum brings together the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Member States of the European Union, the countries of the Indo-Pacific region, representatives of the European institutions and the main regional organizations.


This is an opportunity for the Ministers of Foreign Affairs to discuss and reflect on the initiatives and projects that will contribute to strengthening the dynamics of partnership between the European Union and the Indo-Pacific, of which Madagascar is a part.