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Long-term development vision:

National Development Strategy - Vision 2030

  • The vision of NDS is that by 2030 the Republic of Moldova should become a country where people would like to live and follow their dreams and aspirations, a country seen by parents as a good place for their children to grow.


Medium-term development plan:

Activity Plan MIDR 2022

  • Priorities:
    1. Communication
    2. Transport
    3. Territory
    4. Energy
    5. Regional Development
    6. Institutional Management


Government Action Plan 2021-2022

  • The Action Plan guides the government activity towards a model of sustainable development
  • Main pillars: investments, stimulating and developing human capital, increasing the competitiveness of domestic products and services, digital transformation of public and private sector, streamlining of state expenditures and responsible management of its property, fighting against poverty and social inequalities, streamlining and strengthening of health and education systems, promoting of a balanced foreign policy, ensuring territorial integrity, order and security, combating of climate change and environmental protection


Other development plans: