Long-term development vision:

Agenda 2025 - The Nation's Vision and Strategies

  • Vision: The development towards a permanent governmental stability, irrespective of the political force in power
  • Pillars: Strategic actions are prescribed in the levels of education, health, human capital and social capital

National Development Strategy (2015-2035)

  • Vision: To promote a prosperous, competitive, sustainable, secure and inclusive country
  • Objective: Raise the living conditions of the population through structural transformation of the economy, expansion and diversification of the productive base


Medium-term development plan:

Five-Year Government Program: 2020-2024

  • Overall aim: Strategy to articulate with other states, international organizations and civil society institutions to develop projects that have economic, social and environmental impacts
  • Key objectives:
    1. To promote, develop and defend Mozambique's interests at a national and international level
    2. To guarantee the indivisibility, integrity and territorial unity of the State
    3. Consolidate, deepen and broaden bilateral and multilateral cooperation
    4. Boost economic partnerships
    5. Stimulate the contribution of Mozambique in the diaspora to national development and strengthen ties of solidarity between the Mozambican diaspora and the country


Other development plans: