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Development co-operation policy:

Myanmar Development Assistance Policy 2020

  • Goal: To provide an overarching policy framework which shall guide the delivery of development assistance, together with clear procedures that streamline the identification, design, negotiation, approval, implementation and evaluation of initiatives funded in part of whole by development assistance.
  • Objectives: The DAP aims to ensure that development assistance is aligned with the country's development strategies and with all relevant international conventions as well as supporting the achievement of the SDGs in Myanmar. It also aims to ensure that development assistance is delivered in ways that strengthen Myanmar's human and institutional capacities at all levels.
  • Principles
    1. Country ownership over the identification of development priorities
    2. Clear focus on results
    3. Furthering more inclusive development partnerships
    4. Promoting greater transparency and accountability


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

Mohinga Aid Transparency Portal provided by Catalpa

  • Platform to ensure that all development stakeholders are aware of how official assistance is being used and what results are being achieved. The platform ensures open access as well as timely and comprehensive reporting of development assistance.


Development co-operation reports: 



Development cooperation mechanisms: 

MechanismLevel and ActorsObjectives and Related Policies
The Development Assistance Coordination Unit (DACU)


  • Governments (chaired by State Counselor)
  • Development partners, CSOs, INGOs, the private sector, international philanthropies
The DACU is responsible for ensuring that development assistance to Myanmar is efficient, effective, and nationally owned, The Unit meets regularly to review development assistance and provide advisory opinions and recommendations to the Economic Committee. Moreover, it reviews portfolios, programs and projects of development partners and takes responsibility for reviewing synergies and trade-offs among different strategic development and financing priorities, to maximize development outcomes.
Strategic Coordination Groups (SCGs)


  • Governments
  • Multistakeholder including CSOs, INGOs and the private sector
SCGs provide a multi-stakeholder structure to enhance the harmonization and alignment of development assistance in support of MSDP implementation across specific sectoral and thematic focus areas towards which development assistance should be primarily targeted towards.
The Cooperation Partners Group (CPG)


  • Governments
  • Multistakeholder including Hluttaw, CSOs, the private sector
Forum for information sharing amongst CPG members on development effectiveness and coordination and for taking decisions on how partners in development can improve the way they work together with the governments and others.
The Annual Development Effectiveness Roundtable


  • Governments
  • Multistakeholder 


The roundtable is supposed to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue covering Myanmar's overall development trajectory, priority issues, progress toward achieving goals and strategies noted within the MSDP.
Regular DACU & Partners Meeting


  • DCAU members
  • Government entities
  • Development partners, local and international CSOs and the private sector
Meetings are used by various stakeholders to call attention to issues affecting specific sectors or thematic areas, to highlight implementation challenges, and to jointly identify new short- and medium-term development assistance priorities.
Development Dialogue & Portfolio Reviews


  • Government
  • Development Partners
Coordination dialogues with development partners and government entities regarding concessional loans and grants.
Annual Civil Society Dialogues


  • Government
  • CSOs
Opportunity for the government for closer collaboration with Myanmar civil society regarding MSDP implementation, to discuss challenges and constraints faced by Myanmar civil society, and other development issues.