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Long-term development vision:

Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (2018-2030) (English)

  • Objective: The MSDP provides a long-term vision of a peaceful, prosperous and democratic country. The development plan delivers a single national strategy under which a myriad of developmental plans is harmoniously and coherently combined. Moreover, it delivers an overall framework for coordination and cooperation across all ministries, and all States and Regions to forge a common path towards the emergence of a prosperous, peaceful and democratic Myanmar.
  • Pillars
    1. Peace & stability
    2. Prosperity & partnership
    3. People & planet
  • Goals
    1. Peace, national reconciliation, security & governance
    2. Human resources & social development for a 21st century society
    3. Natural resources & the environment for posterity of the nation


Medium-term development plan:



Other development plans: