Long-term development vision: 

  • Agenda 2050
    • Vision: By 2050, Nigeria is a country of low-carbon, climate-resilient, high-growth circular economy that reduces its current level of emission by 50%, moving towards having net-zero emissions across all sectors of its development in a gender-responsive manner.
    • Agriculture, Forest and Land Use; Energy; Fresh Water and Costal Wetlands; Industry, Urban Settlements; Oil and Gas; Transport; Waste; Cross-cutting: Gender Inclusion

Medium-term development plan: 

  • National Development Plan 2021 - 2025
    • Goal: To make Nigeria a country that has unlocked its potential in all sectors of the economy for a sustainable, holistic, and inclusive national development.
    • Pillars: The associated broad objectives of the Plan are to: establish a strong foundation for a diversified economy, with robust MSME growth, and a more-resilient business environment, to invest in critical physical, financial, digital, and innovation infrastructure, to build a solid framework and enhancing capacities to strengthen security and ensure good governance, and to enable a vibrant, educated, and healthy population; investing in the social infrastructure and services required to alleviate poverty, and promoting development opportunities across States to minimize regional economic and social disparities.


Other development plans:

  • Economic Recovery & Growth Plan
    • The ERGP will contribute to achieving the national aspirations and vision set out in the 1999 Constitution by seeking to promote national prosperity and an efficient, dynamic and self-reliant economy to secure the maximum welfare, freedom and happiness of every citizen on the basis of social justice and equality of status and opportunity
    • Strategic objectives: (1) restoring growth, (2) investing in our people, and (3) building a globally competitive economy
  • National Social Protection Policy
    • To establish a gender sensitive and age-appropriate framework to ensure social protection and a life of dignity
    • Social protection as a viable development framework; effective resources mobilisation and management