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Long-term development vision:

Niger 2035: Strategy for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth (SDDCI 1+2)

  • The Vision Niger 2035 is to be a modern, peaceful, prosperous country that is proud of its cultural values in a united and solidary Africa
  • Pillars
    1. Ensure the security of people and goods on the national territory
    2. Develop a dynamic private sector that creates and provides jobs
    3. Control the levers of demographic growth
    4. Increase agricultural production and productivity in a sustainable manner
    5. Increase the performance of human capital
    6. Provide citizens with quality public services

Medium-term development plan:

Social and Economic Development Plan 2022-2026 (PDES 1-3)

  • The medium-term vision and pillars are those of Niger 2035: contribute to a peaceful and well-governed country with an emerging and sustainable economy with advantages for the whole society


Other development plans: