Long-term development plan: 

Pakistan Vision 2025 

  • Vision: By 2025, Pakistan achieves the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of zero poverty and hunger, universal access to health services, education, modern energy services, clean water, and sanitation.
  • Pakistan aspires to become an Upper-Middle Income country by 2025 and one of the ten largest economies of the world by 2047.
  • The Vision serves four functions:
    1. A compilation of the consensus views of national and international stakeholders regarding the future direction of the country.
    2. Setting out future goals and expectations, to be translated into a concrete road map and coherent strategy for balanced human, social, and economic development.
    3. A conceptual platform for the revival of sustainable and inclusive growth, strengthening of the development foundation, enabling the country to achieve international development goals within their respective time frames, and achieving the high level of human development and national autonomy associated with a high-income status.
    4. Indigenous conception and approach for meeting all globally agreed targets to be endorsed by Pakistan in the international arena.
  • The Vision 2025 presents five key enablers: shared vision, political stability and continuity of policies, peace and security, rule of law, social justice
  • 25 goals with target indicators are outlined under the seven pillars of development:
  1. Putting people first – developing human and social capital.
  2. Achieving sustained, indigenous, and inclusive growth.
  3. Governance, institutional reform, and modernisation of the public sector.
  4. Energy, water, and food security.
  5. Private sector and entrepreneurship led growth.
  6. Developing a competitive knowledge economy through value addition.
  7. Modernising transportation infrastructure and greater regional connectivity.


Medium-term development plan: 

11th Five-Year Plan (2013-2018)

  • The five-year plan is the medium-term framework addressing multiple challenges on the economic, security, and development fronts. The plan devised strategies driving socio-economic progress, which is supported by the annual plan at the operational level.


 Other development plans: 

Short-Term Plan

  • The state’s annual plan is a comprehensive document that encompasses reviews of the performances across key sectors in the preceding year. It also outlines strategic directives intended to achieve stabilization and foster sustainable growth. The plan highlights internal and external opportunities for development