Dear colleagues,

Following the 6th Global Partnership working-group call on 'effective multilateral support' that took place on the 14th of July, below you will find some discussion points that were highlighted during the call:

i) Summary of the 21st Steering Committee Meeting, including the review of the Global Partnership as the main multi-stakeholder vehicle for development effectiveness, and agreed approaches for updating the monitoring exercise (Summary report to be delivered soon).

ii) With regards to the proposals for a second ‘perspectives’ paper, on multilateral financing instruments and enabling the effectiveness principles:

- IFAD: Proposed output on how Public Development Banks (PDB) could leverage in the context of private sector, and bring their contribution in terms of financing/investing (or providing catalytic investments) in the inclusive role transformation agenda.

- IADB: Could potentially add a 2-pager on sustainable infrastructure indicators and/or their green bonds platform.

- Both are with private sector and can be linked to the principles.

- Focus on how multilateral organizations and the creative ways they can do financing, and how that drives the effectiveness principle approach

- Cross-check against key related:
o Quality of ODA report (source: CGD). One of the 4 main findings: resources channeled through the multilateral system are more effective.
o Latest on the financing of the UNDS report
o Check in with Finance Sector Hub for relevant inputs (SDG Impact? INFFs?)

iii) In terms of the proposal for a webinar on effective multilateral support, for September:

- Ideally, contribute to a fresh analytical hook; Important to use the sources mentioned above for guidance.

- Other potential focus: UN/member-state Funding Compact; outreach to DCO.

[Colleagues: If you would like to be a part of the webinar and contribute to it, please jump in!]

iv) Finally, we discussed a little bit about the work related to good donorship and how we can contribute to that, with SPC indicating their intention to support, and explore a contribution/participation by RoK.

Please feel free to comment on anything else that might be missing but worth mentioning. We’ll be following up with colleagues on the good donorship piece (SPC) and perspectives paper (IFAD and IADB) shortly!