Long-term development vision:

Samoa 2040 - Transforming Samoa to a Higher Growth Path

  • The vision of Samoa 2040 is to transform the economy over the next twenty years to sustainably increase the incomes and employment of all Samoans, allowing each citizen the opportunity to pursue the best, most productive life possible. 
  • Four focus sectors
    1. Tourism
    2. Agriculture & fishing
    3. Digital economy
    4. Labor mobility


Medium-term development plan:

Pathway for the Development of Samoa (PDS) 2021/22-2025/26

  • Focus on three thematic areas to support long-term vision:
    1. Empowering communities
    2. Building resilience
    3. Inspiring growth
  • Key strategic outcomes
    1. Improved social development
    2. Diversified and sustainable economy
    3. Security and trusted governance
    4. Secured environment and climate change
    5. Structured public works and infrastructure


Other development plans: