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Long-term development vision:    


Medium-term development plan:    

  • National Development Strategy Seychelles 2019-2023  
    • Vision: The Vision will act as the compass that sets the clear and decisive direction for the desired destination and will be the vehicle on which the nation will embark to undertake the journey to the year 2033.  


Other development plans:   

  • Seychelles Sustainable Development Strategy 2012-2020 (Volume 1)  
    • This Sustainable Development Strategy (SSDS) is a nationwide multi-sectoral document aiming at improving the sustainable development management in Seychelles in a way to achieve a delicate balance between the small-island ecosystems and economic growth, included deriving more from tourism, fisheries, fresh water supply, agriculture, and recreational activities.    
  • Sustainable Development Strategy of Seychelles Action Plan 2012-2020 (Volume 2)  
    • This Sustainable Development Action Plan is a nationwide cross-sectoral document analyzing 13 interlinked thematic areas identified to implement the Strategy, which are (i) Social and Human Development; (ii) Land Use, Coastal Zones and Urbanization; (iii) Biodiversity and Forestry; (iv) Agriculture and Food Security; (v) Fisheries and Marine Resources; (vi) Water, Sanitation and Waste; (vii) Tourism and Aesthetics; (viii) Economics of Sustainability; (ix) Sustainable Consumption and Production; (x) Energy and Transport; (xi) Climate Change; (xii) Education for Sustainability; and (xiii) Policy, Institutional and Regulatory.    
  • Sustainable Development for Seychelles: The 2030 & 2063 Nexus