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Development co-operation policy: 

National legal aid policy mentioned in National Development Plan 2020-2024

  • Vision: This policy will regulate legal aid providers and provide clear procedures and process in delivering services based on modern methods compliant with national and international standards at both federal and regional levels.
  • Objectives:
    • Ensuring access to justice services for all, and particularly for the poor, women and vulnerable
    • Sensitizing all legal aid providers and users both in public and private sector
    • Training and raising awareness on citizens constitutionally mandated rights
    • Enhancing coordination and collaboration between government and non-government entities providing legal aid services
    • Empowering legal aid providers and legal professionals
    • Reviewing and evaluating legal aid services status and reforming relevant laws


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

  • MoPIED AIMS System


Development co-operation reports: 

  •  NA

Development cooperation mechanisms: 



Level and actors 

Objectives and related policies 

Somalia Partnership Forum (SPF)

National level

- Governments

- Development partners

the SPF is expected to continue to be a forum for inclusive political dialogue between the government of Somalia and international partners at the highest level.


The new aid policy and revised aid architecture will be rolled out together as central components of NDP-9 implementation arrangements under the

leadership of the Federal Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development.


Nine NDP Pillar Working Groups

National level

- Governments (co-chaired by FGS)

- development partners



The Working

Groups provide sectoral and programmatic coordination, including the review and endorsement

of funding proposals to the SDRF trust funds; promote knowledge sharing and policy coherence;

and prepare NDP progress reports.