Long-term development vision:

South Sudan Vision 2040

  • Vision: "Towards freedom, equality, justice, peace and prosperity for all". The vision aims at transforming the country into an economic powerhouse through the creation of a diversified economy driven by agriculture, industry, mining, manufacturing, tourism and services, among other drivers 
  • Objectives: consolidating peace and stabilize the economy


Medium-term development plan:

Revised National Development Strategy for South Sudan - 2021-2024

  • Core objectives
    1. Establish and/or strengthen institutions for transparent, accountable and inclusive governance
    2. Foster macroeconomic stability and lay foundations for the diversification of the economy
    3. Build critical infrastructure for sustainable development, including roads, public buildings and broadband capability
    4. Increase support to the social sector for human capital development and protect the the vulnerable population, to leave no one behind
    5. Mainstream gender in all development policies and programmes and empower women and youth as drivers of growth and nation-building


Other development plans: