Long-term development plan: 

  • Sustainable Sri Lanka – 2030 Vision and Strategic Path 
    • Vision: By 2030 Sri Lanka hopes to become a sustainable, upper middle income, Indian Ocean hub with an economy that is prosperous, competitive and advanced; an environment that is green and flourishing; and a society that is inclusive, harmonious, peaceful and just. We will follow the middle path based on balanced inclusive green growth.  
    • Pillars
      • A thriving and dynamic economy, providing a good quality of life, that is resource-efficient, stable and resilient to shocks, while respecting critical environmental and social sustainability constraints;  
      • A green environment that builds on Sri Lankan’s traditional respect for nature, and keeps the resource use within the sustainable capacity of the country;  
      • A society that enables to meet the basic needs of all people while encouraging peace, harmony, reconciliation, inclusion, social justice and security. 


Medium-term development plan:  

  • National Development Plan 
    • Objectives:  
      • Maintaining economic growth of at least 8 per cent per annum and GDP per capita of more than US$4,000 by 2016 
      • Private-sector-led growth 
      • Eradication of poverty 
      • Universal secondary education 
      • Reducing the malnutrition rate of children to 12-15 per cent 
      • Life expectancy of at least 80 years 
      • Increasing access to clean water in urban areas to 90 per cent of people 
      • Raising forest coverage to 43 per cent of the land area 


Other development plans: