Development co-operation policy:

  • Development Cooperation Policy (PNCD 2020-2025). 
    • Overall aim: wants to improve efficiency, diversification and coordination for better mobilization of official development assistance (ODA). The PNCD 2020-2025 will adapt to the new deal driven by the decentralization process, by allowing the executive to work with the various local actors


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 


Development co-operation reports:


Development cooperation mechanisms:

MechanismLevel and actorsObjectives and related policies
DIPD (an institutional mechanism for the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of development policies)

National Level

  • Government
  • Donor agencies
  • The private sector 
  • CSOs


This mechanism was established in 2010 and aims at creating greater synergy of actions and dynamic partnership with the donor agencies, the private sector and CSOs in the 11 sectoral committees.