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Long-term development vision:



Medium-term development plan:

National Plan for Sustainable Development São Tomé and Principe 2020-2024

  • Aims to implement the government program and the international agendas for sustainable development
  • Main strategic pillars
    1. Deepening the democratic rule of law
    2. Robust economic growth and accelerated job creation
    3. Improved quality of health and social protection
    4. Foreign policy at the service of development


Other development plans:

National Renewable Energy Action (PANER) from São Tomé and Principe - 2021-2030/2050

National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (PANEE) São Tomé and Principe - 2021-2030/2050

National Strategy: Updated Poverty Reduction (ENRP-II)

  • Strategic objectives
    • Achieve a GDP growth rate of at least 6% (crating conditions for a consistent diversification of the economy)
    • Reduce by 10% the percentage of the São Tomé and Principe population living in poverty (promoting income-generating initiatives, thus improving its productive capacity)
    • Ensuring that the entire population has access (facilitated and improved) to basic social services