Long-term development vision:

Vision 2030

  • Vision: A united, resilient, productive, innovative, and prosperous nation with a disciplined, caring, fun-loving society comprising healthy, happy and well-educated people and built on the enduring attributes of self-reliance, respect, tolerance, equity, inclusion and integrity in which: 
    • Every citizen is valued and has equal opportunities to achieve his/her fullest potential; all citizens enjoy a high quality of live, where quality healthcare is available to all and where safe, peaceful and environmentally friendly communities are maintained
    • All citizens are assure of a sound, relevant education system tailored to meet the human resource needs of a modern, progressive and technologically advancing nation
    • Optimum use is made of all the resources of the nation, with due regard to environmental sustainability and making greater use of renewable resources while ensuring that we enjoy water, food and energy security, the family as the foundation of the society contributes to its growth, development and stability
    • Our economy supports decent work for all and is conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation
    • There is respect for the rule of law and human rights and the promotion of the principles of democracy and there is confidence in our public institutions
    • The diversity and creativity of all its people are valued and nurtured
  • Goals
    1. Poverty will be eradicated
    2. Citizens will have a culture of discipline, productivity, tolerance, respect and civic mindedness
    3. Our citizens will the healthy
    4. Our population will be diversely educated, innovative and entrepreneurial 


Medium-term development plan:

Medium-term development goals (2016-2025) are outlined in the long-term vision document as following

  • Persons living in absolute poverty will be reduced
  • The healthcare system will be efficient and provide quality services
  • Citizens will lead healthy lifestyles
  • The foundation of Trinidad and Tobago will be strong families and safe, sustainable communities
  • Trinidad and Tobago will have a seamless, reformed, high quality and training system


Other development plans: