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Long-term development vision:

Uganda Vision 2040

  • Vision: "A transformed Uganda society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years" through strengthening the fundamentals of the national economy to harness the opportunities around the country
  • Priority areas to achieve the overall development goal
    1. Infrastructure (energy, transport, water, oil and gas, and ICT)
    2. Science, technology, engineering and innovation
    3. Land use and management
    4. Urbanization
    5. Human resources
    6. Peace, security and defense


Medium-term development plan:

Second National Development Plan (2015/26-2019/20)

  • The National Development Plan aims to strengthening Uganda's competitiveness for sustainable wealth creation, employment and inclusive growth in order to achieve middle income status by 2020
  • Main areas
    1. Agriculture
    2. Tourism
    3. Minerals, oil and gas
    4. Infrastructure development
    5. Human capital development


Other development plans: