Development co-operation policy:

International Cooperation Policy of Uruguay for Sustainable Development by 2030

  • Vision: To contribute to sustainable development from a dual role in international cooperation, from a human rights' perspective, and with innovative strategies for an ever-changing context
  • Strategic priorities:
    1. Position Uruguay's political priorities in the international cooperation and sustainable development agenda
    2. Create new international cooperation opportunities for Uruguay
    3. Expand Uruguay's capabilities as cooperation offerer
    4. Strengthen alliances and tools for sustainable development

Resolution 988-2016 of Uruguay

  • It entrusts the Planning and Budget Office with the monitoring and articulation actions of the necessary public policies and follow-up to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

Integrated System of International Cooperation Uruguay (SICI-Uy)

  • The Integrated System of International Cooperation Uruguay seeks to centralize and improve the management of all areas of the AUCI. In addition, this application seeks to strengthen the national and international cooperation system (SNCI), coordinated by the AUCI
  • SICI-Uy currently consists of two modules: scholarships and initiatives, and another two (finances and investment opportunities) are under construction


Development co-operation reports: 

Estado de Situacion de al Cooperacion Internacional en Uruguay 2019

  • This is the sixth report in the series "Status of International Cooperation in Uruguay", which draws on data from the SICI-Uy, where about 123 national and international institutions and key partners have reported. The report refers to non-reimbursable international development cooperation initiatives that were executed during 2018 and in which Uruguay was a provider, recipient or both

See also: Estado de Situacion de al Cooperacion Internacional en Uruguay 2017


Development cooperation mechanisms: 

Mechanism Level and Actors Objectives and Related Policies
Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation's (AUCI) Advisory Council

National level

  • governments (AUCI)
  • cooperation policy stakeholders including local governments, public organizations, academia, research centers, civil society, the private sector, parliament
AUCI has a role as the governing body in the Cooperation Policy to ensure the alignment of institutional agendas based on coordination and articulation between stakeholders and cooperation levels. The Advisory Council is to be summoned regularly.