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Long-term development vision:

Resilient Ramallah 2050

  • Vision: We are optimistic, sustainable, inclusive, proud of our won culture and in control of our own destiny
  • Strategic directions
    1. Regaining control
    2. Responsive governance
    3. Realizing potential


Medium-term development plan:

National Development Plan (2021-2023)

  • Pillars
    1. Encourage industrial, agricultural and tourism production
    2. Reduce unemployment and fight poverty
    3. Enhance the role of women and youth
    4. Pay attention to education and vocational training
    5. Preserve public freedoms and enhance transparency
    6. Strengthen and establish industrial cities, in addition to creating development pioneering projects, business and technology incubators
    7. Enhance investment in clean energy and pay attention to water resources
    8. Enhance the resilience of citizens by improving health, educational and economic services, social protection and other basic services


Other development plans:

Global Palestine connected Gaza "A Spatial Vision for the Gaza Governorates"

  • This vision recognizes Gaza's pressing priorities in terms of reconstruction and provision of housing, energy, water and basic economic needs, and proposes a long-term plan, up to the year 2050, as part of a holistic vision for the State of Palestine
  • This vision, which includes a comprehensive set of projects, will provide the inspiration and framework to guide short and medium-term actions and investments to address some of those urgent needs

Palestinian National Policy Agenda 2017-2022 - Putting Citizens First

  • The Agenda is built upon the National Vision and three pillars each including a series of national priorities as follows
    1. Path to independence (including ending the occupation, achieving the independence, national unity, and strengthening Palestine's international status)
    2. Government reform (including citizen-centered Government, and effective Government)
    3. Sustainable development (including social justice and rule of law, quality education for all, quality health care for all, and resilient communities)

Other policies (in Arabic) are available here