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Long-term development vision:

National Vision for the Modern Yemeni State (2019-2030)

  • Vision: A modern, democratic, stable and unified Yemen, which rests on building strong institutions, achieving justice, promoting development, dignified life and good living standards for Yemeni citizens, protecting national independence, and seeking world peace and equal cooperation with other countries
  • Pillars
    1. Comprehensive national reconciliation and political settlement
    2. Governance system
    3. Social restructuring
    4. Economy
    5. Administrative development
    6. Justice and rule of law
    7. Innovation, creativity, knowledge and scientific research
    8. Education
    9. Health
    10. Environment
    11. Defense and security
    12. Foreign policy and national security

Yemen Strategic Vision 2025

  • Vision: Yemen's Strategic Vision 2025 sets out the long-term ambitions and goals and keeps pace with developments and with the rapid economic, scientific and technological changes. It aims to improve the level of human development and to position Yemen among countries with middle human development that reflects higher standards of living and decent lives for individuals and the society at large.
  • Objectives:
    1. Build the human capital and upgrade citizens' living standards at the economic, intellectual and cultural levels
    2. Reduce the current population growth, control the factors of internal migration and redirect it to coastal areas
    3. Develop the capacities and potentials of young people and empower them to pave their own paths, depend on themselves, support their families and build their country
    4. Maintain deep social solidarity in line with religious principles, and instilled customs and traditions
    5. Increase women's participation in all aspects of economic activity and raise their contribution to the workforce
    6. Increase health service coverage
    7. Eliminate illiteracy and enhancing adult education
    8. Provide education for all


Medium-term development plan:



Other development plans:

The First Interim Plan of the National Vision to Build the Modern Yemeni State (Resilience and Economic Recovery) 2019-2020

  • The Economic Resilience and Recovery Plan (2019-2020) is considered as the first stage in the implementation of the National Vision for the Modern Yemeni State. It serves as the practical starting point and the connecting link with subsequent stages of the National Vision implementation

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan II - "Achieving a resilient, productive and sustainable socio-ecosystem by 2050"

  • Main focus: Halting overall biodiversity loss and maintaining healthy, productive and functional ecosystems through coherent and resilient ecological networks supported by restructured policies and empowered local communities