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Development co-operation policy: 


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

  • NA


Development co-operation reports: 

  • STP management report 2021
    • The report highlights the updating of the National Development Plan (PND), the Paraguay in Results platform, the support to local governments for the design and preparation of their Urban and Territorial Planning Plans, the Government Management Board and the training to the 126 institutions that are part of the Results-Based Planning System, all of this is part of the objectives achieved in the mission area.


Development cooperation mechanisms: 



Level and actors 

Objectives and related policies 

SDGs commission

National Level

Coordinated by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), the Ministry of Finance (MH), the Technical Secretariat for Economic and Social Development Planning (STP) and the Social Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic.

As custodian of the different SDGs goals in Paraguay, it provides spaces for dialogue with representatives of the different sectors of society.

Citizen Accountability Committee (CRCC)

National Level


The CRCC develop accountability plan and manage the necessary mechanisms to advance it, with the active and coordinated collaboration of all its members.

The CRCC is in charge of preparing periodic partial reports and a final report, with its respective evidence, which are made available to the public for free access and control.

Joint Table of Open Government of Paraguay

National Level


The Open Government Joint Table is a platform for permanent dialogue created during the second action plan where Civil Society and the State make decisions regarding the Open Government action plans and monitor and follow up on the fulfillment of the commitments presented.