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ABOUT the Summit: Facing Global Challenges together

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Taking place at the midpoint of Agenda 2030, the Summit will put a spotlight on how better co-operation strengthens trust and transforms the way we work together.


  • In a new era of global challenges – the pandemic, a deepening climate emergency, and many economic shocks – we must charter sustainable pathways for a just recovery across sectors and geographies.


  • Effective partnering is a compass and catalyst for using local, national and global resources in the best possible way for the fastest and most sustainable impact as we look to achieve the SDGs.


  • All co-operation partners need to balance ongoing short-term pressures with delivering on the vision for long-term well-being for the people and planet.


HOW?: Strengthening trust at country level

  • The Summit will underscore that effective co-operation that is country owned, focused on results, involves all type of partners, and is transparent and accountable, strengthens trust that leads to impactful partnerships and better results in countries.


  • Only through actions based on country priorities can we strengthen national systems and deliver sustainable development for all.


  • Harnessing the power of partnerships is key to deliver results. Governments, parliamentarians, civil society, the private sector and others – all play a distinct and crucial role in building resilient communities and targeting those most in need.


The Summit will be a hybrid event from 12 to 14 December 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland with key events taking place in theRoad to the Summit,’ allowing actors to engage in various events throughout 2022.

Who will attend?

Ministers and decision-makers on development co-operation policies and programs, civil society leaders, CEOs of the private sector, and other key actors from trade unions, foundations, multilateral development banks, local and regional governments, parliamentarians, and academia.

Our Summit Goals

  • A joint commitment for more ACTION
  • A new set of toolkits & practices for better IMPLEMENTATION
  • A renewed way of monitoring for more EVIDENCE
  • A revitalized way of working for a better GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP