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UNDP with OECD as the OECD-UNDP Joint Support Team (JST) supports strengthening effective development cooperation in line with the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (Global Partnership or GPEDC) 2020-2022 Work Programme. 

Functions supported by UNDP center around substantive and technical advisory support especially around anchoring the work of the GPEDC and the Global Partnership monitoring exercise in country-led efforts for achieving the 2030 Agenda; strengthened synergies with the UN intergovernmental processes; and cultivating knowledge sharing and a community of practice for more effective development cooperation. The Global Project on Managing Development Cooperation Effectively (the Global Project) is the primary instrument of UNDP to support GPEDC with the following strategic components and corresponding outputs:

  • Strategic Component 1: Support to policy and institutional reforms and capacity strengthening for advancing the effectiveness of cooperation at country level
  • Strategic Component 2: Global evidence-based policy dialogue and partnerships Output III. A strengthened mutual learning and knowledge exchange platform, facilitating the sharing of country-level evidence and learning from different modalities of development cooperation.


For a more detailed analysis of the results achieved in 2021 for UNDP's Global Project, please read the full report.