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Development co-operation policy:  

ADS include direct policies aimed at various sectors and areas: Industry and export promotion; tourism development; information technology development; agriculture and rural development; small and medium-size enterprises development. 


2010-2020 Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy of the Republic of Armenia 

2010-2020 Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy of the Republic of Armenia is a multisectoral policy document is aimed at deepening of agrarian reforms, development of agricultural cooperatives, ensuring food security, increasing competitiveness of locally produced, developing organic agriculture, crop production, livestock husbandry, mitigation of agricultural risks and efficient land use. 


Aid Information Management System (AIMS):  

Not available 


Development co-operation reports:  

Armenia 2015: Final National Progress Report on MDGs 

  • The report identifies progress and gaps in the implementation of MDGs and identify key objectives for the Development Strategic Paper 2014 - 2025 


Development cooperation mechanisms:  


Level and actors  

Objectives and related policies  


Development Partners Coordination Forum 


National Level 

- governments ( led by deputy Prime Minister)  

- UN 

-International development partners 





A development partner coordination mechanism is led by the government in partnership 

with the United Nations, which served as the 

key collaboration platform for development 

partners, facilitating donor coordination 

and engagement of thirteen foreign country 

representations and seventeen international 

organizations operating in the country.