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Long-term development vision:  

Armenia Transformation Strategy 2050 

Republic of Armenia 2014-2025 Strategic Program of Prospective Development 

Being the primary guide of the Government, ADS is based on the following four priorities: 

  • 1) Priority: Growth of employment
  • 2) Priority: Development of human capital
  • 3) Priority: Improvement of social protection system
  • 4) Priority: Institutional modernization of the public administration and governance

Government Programme 2021-2026 


Medium-term development plan:  

Five-Year Action Plan 2021-2026 


Other development plans: 

The Strategy of the Main Directions Ensuring Economic Development in Agricultural Sector of the Republic of Armenia for 2020-2030 

Action Plan 2020 – 2022 for the implementation of long-term strategy 

Armenia: Nationalising 2030 agenda for sustainable development