DAC Civil Society Days


Deadline: 31 May 

Theme: ‘Enabling locally led transformation and balancing partnerships’  

Register via Zoom for the Roundtable
(19 June, 14:30-18:00 CET)   

Register for the Technical Workshops
Plenary Room and the Parallel Workshops
(20 June, 9:30-18:00 CET)  

The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Civil Society Days (CSDs) are a biennial forum that explores challenges facing civil society and builds bridges across stakeholders. The programme will include a (i) roundtable event as a critical checkpoint on progress made to enable civil society as key actors in locally led transformation in partner countries and (ii) a series of technical workshops organized on various topics, such as: The Protection and Promotion of Civic Space, Peer learning of Locally Led Development: towards a taxonomy of what matters, Democracy and Autocratisation: ODA by Regime Type, Civil society engagement in climate action, Development Communications Going Global: Building trust in partner countries, amongst others.