From March 13 to April 15 the experts of "Economic Research Institute" JSC under the supervision of the Ministry of National Economy of the RK and with the support of the UN Development Program (UNDP) conducted field seminars on the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in all regions of Kazakhstan. 


Retreat seminars in regional centres and cities of national importance were conducted in two directions:

1. The seminar for local executive bodies (LEB) on nationalization and localization of SDGs in Kazakhstan and discussion of the draft Second Voluntary National Survey on SDGs.

2. The presentation of the draft of the Second Voluntary National SDG Survey for Regional Residents.


LEB staff actively participated in the events and shared their experience and expertise in SDG-related projects. The problems and prospects of SDG localisation in each region were discussed, and the issues of institutional development of SDG on individual targets were noted. For example, many regions raised issues of recycling and disposal of household waste (HHW), as well as ensuring an uninterrupted supply of electricity and heating services to the population. 

The discussion of the draft Second Voluntary National SDG Review took place in the format of the Mission 2030 business game, where "No one left behind" meetings are held with all stakeholders. 

Approximately 2,000 citizens from all over Kazakhstan have participated since the start of the discussions, including representatives of local executive bodies, civil society, independent experts, persons with special needs, retirees, teachers, and young people (schoolchildren and students), private sector representatives, and many others. 

The Mission 2030 Business Game was organized to give every citizen a chance to have their voice heard and to engage all interested populations. During the business game, participants identified priority SDGs that should be emphasized in the preparation of the Second Voluntary National Survey on SDGs.