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Long-term development plan:

Kiribati 20 Years Vision 2016-2036

  • The vision of the KV20 is for Kiribati to become a wealthy, healthy and peaceful nation. It seeks to achieve the development aspiration by maximising the development benefits from fisheries and tourism as key productive sectors.
  • The Vision is anchored on four pillars: wealth; peace and security; infrastructure; and governance. The wealth pillar aims to develop the natural capital, human capital and cultural capital to improve economic growth and reduce poverty.

Medium-term development plan:

Kiribati Development Plan 2020-2023

  • Key priorities
  1. Harnessing human health
  2. Economic growth and LNOB
  3. Health improvement
  4. Environment protection and strengthen resilience
  5. Good governance
  6. Developing infrastructure

Other development plans: