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Development co-operation policy: 


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 


Development co-operation reports: 



Development cooperation mechanisms: 


Level and actors 

Objectives and related policies 

High Level Forum (HLF) on Development Effectiveness

National Level

  • Governments including Ministers and chair persons of Parliamentary Committees
  • Key development stakeholders including DPs (Heads of Mission), international NGOs and foundations, academia, civil society and the private sector


Chaired by Finance Minister and co-chaired by DPs through a troika arrangement

The primary focus is to discuss progress made against the Malawi Development Cooperation Strategy’s results target and broader update on progress against the MGDS.  The HLF meets once a year, preferably during the fourth quarter of Government Fiscal Year. 


Development Cooperation Group (DCG)

National Level

  • A working-level arm of the HLF



The DCG meets at least twice a year and is responsible for preparing the work of the HLF, agreeing topical issues for discussion, collecting views and analytical inputs on the same and following up on action points from the annual HLF.


Sector Working Groups (SWGs)

National Level

  • Chaired by Principal Secretaries from the core ministries
  • Line ministries, local authorities
  • Senior technical officers from DPs active in the sector, relevant civil society actors, private sector stakeholders and other actors.


Sub-groups for the SWGs may be convened as necessary

Focusing on policy implementation and monitoring of sector strategies and plans.

Policy issues arising from the SWGs are referred to the DCG meetings.

Common Approach to Budget Support (CABS) Mechanism

National Level

  • Government
  • DPs providing General Budget Support

A framework for policy dialogue between the Government and partners providing General Budget Support.

The Government and DPs undertake joint reviews twice a year.

Dialogue within the CABS partnership links to the HLF/DCG meetings.


Intra-Government Coordinating Group

National Level

  • The full Principal Secretaries Committee chaired by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury


A forum of the committee brings issues on effectiveness of development to the attention and serves to operationalize decisions made at the HLF and follow-up to policy issues from the other forums such as SWGs.


Development Partners’ Dialogue Groups

National Level

  • DPs

The aim is to improve harmonization among DPs, reduce transaction costs for Government and DPs, and agree on ke issues to be discussed jointly with Government. 


Public Finance and Economic Management (PFEM) Dialogue Structure

National Level

  • Governments
  • DPs


Co-chaired by the Secretary to the Treasury and a lead DP of the PFEM which is on a rotational basis. 

The PFEM structures comprise both Intra-Government and Government-Donor dialogue on PFEM issues.

The PFEM Steering Committee is the highest-level Intra-Government dialogue structure, which is held at least twice a year. The PFEM Technical Committee will be an Intra-Government technical dialogue structure and held once every two months.


District Dialogue Mechanisms

District Level

  • Local authorities
  • DPs, CSOs, the private sector

The quarterly Ordinary Meetings of the Councils

and the District Executive Committee meetings

will be the main fora to discuss issues of development cooperation at district level. These meetings are considered in SWGs and intra-government dialogue.


Non-state actors dialogue groupings

National Level

  • Non-state actors

Non-state actors will establish/strengthen platforms for dialogue to coordinate their positions on development effectiveness, exchange knowledge and information, and agree how best to be represented in other dialogue structures defined in this Strategy


Public-Private Dialogue (PPD)

National and District Levels

  • Governments
  • The private sector
  • DPs



The dialogue will be focused on: the development of a vibrant and responsible private sector in Malawi; ‘strategic’ issues or issues impacting large numbers of businesses; and forward looking issues, resolving problems and taking advantage of opportunities for public and private sectors to collaborate.